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What measures do you take to protect my belongings?

Having a moving team who takes care of your belongings and your home can make moving a pleasant transition. If you're worried about your wood floors or carpet, rest assured we've got you covered. One of the first things our moving team does upon arrival is place moving pads to protect your floors.  Our moving team carries an assortment of equipment & materials including high quality moving blankets and shrink-wrap used to protect your furniture from scratches.

What can I do to lower my moving costs?

Pack & organize items before your moving date. Typically it's the small stuff that will slow your moving team down more than anything else. If you haven't used it for more than 2 years it's probably a good idea to place it with items you can donate or sell. Don't forget basements, attics and garages. These areas are prone to lots of clutter with items such as tools, supplies & mementos. A week before the moving date, go through and pack what you want to keep. You may find that your coveted apparel or toys from days past are not so important anymore. Then if your ahead of schedule for moving day, and want to move some items yourself, we suggest you focus on collectibles, pictures (small & med.) and plants.

Do you offer in-home estimates?

Yes, we can schedule one of our field trained estimators to meet with you at a convenient time. Our estimators have years of experience that help guarantee accurate estimates for your move. Our trained estimator will come to your location free of charge.

Do you provide packing services?

Absolutely. Packing can be time consuming and daunting so don't hesistate to scratch it off your list by contacting us. Our services can be tailored to your needs. We can do one specific area or the whole place. Our packing team will work wonders, carefully organizing, packing items, and even making custom crates when necessary. If you need help unpacking afterwards, just let us know!

What kind of boxes should I use to pack my belongings?

We recommend getting boxes that you can seal with tape on both sides and sticking to 3 or 4 different sizes. A good rule of thumb is to keep heavier items in smaller boxes. Items like books, records, and files can be placed in small boxes. Medium sized boxes are good for packing up shoes and kitchen items like dishes, small kitchen appliances (toaster, coffee maker, can opener or iron), as well as pots & pans. Use the bigger boxes for packing linens, towels, and misc. Wardrobe boxes make an excellent choice for your clothes.

What items should I take with me?

Take some essentials for your first-night.

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and soap
  • Any prescription medications
  • Snacks that don't require refrigeration or cooking
  • Important documents such as leases, closing documents, medical records

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