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Austin, Packers

Our professional Austin packers can assist you at each stage of your Austin move. The most time consuming task prior to moving is packing. Working around a busy schedule to get everything properly packed can be a challenge. Our Austin packers can help you manage packing everything from clothes to decor and fine china. We carry a wide range of selection of packing materials to meet your specific needs, from dishpacks and wardrobes to picture boxes. Let our packers handle the burdensome chore of packing so you can manage the things your best at. Get started off on the right foot if you choose to do your own packing by following 3 Expert Packing Tips.

Packing Tip #1

Think Ahead, Make a List

Because packing is the most time consuming, it's best to start one week in advance or our packer can pack for you the day before your move to or from Austin. To get ready for the big day by making a list of things you need to keep at your fingertips and pack that in a separate box that you will take in your car. It's advisable to make an emergency pack including a list of contacts: your realtor, mortgage lender, family and friends helping out and medication. Also, family heirlooms and other irreplaceable belongings are other items you should gather ahead of time and move personally. Don't forget the keys for the new house and also any papers you may need to sign.

Packing Tip # 2

Purchase Enough Boxes

It's easy to understimate the boxes you'll need. A good rule of thumb is to have on hand 10-15 boxes per room. Once you get under the hood you'll probably be surprised at the numerous things that are tucked away in cupboards, closets, and in unsuspected places like under the bed. It's also recommended you pack your lamp shades and you'll also need to store parts of dismantled furniture and cables.

Packing Tip # 3

Choose Wisely, Size Matters

Choose appropriate box sizes. Heavy items like books should be placed in smaller boxes and should fill about 60% of the box. Lightweight items like linens can be used to top off boxes or can be packed with other light items in large boxes. This makes boxes more easier to handle. They are easier to carry and load. Our Austin packers will provide an assortment of different sizes to properly pack your belongings.

Hire The Best Austin Packers:

If you run out of time, don't hesitate to call our Austin Packers. Get your move started off on the right foot. Our packers will come with the proper materials and are trained to get the job done quickly. Equally important, they know how to minimize the chances of damage occuring during transport. Save time & minimize damage during your move using our experienced movers for your move to Austin.